Pokemon Unite update new year christmas event Tsareena Dragonite

Pokemon Unite update new year and christmas event featuring Tsareena and Dragonite

There is an interesting event that is present in the MOBA Pokemon Unite game, along with the celebration of Christmas and New Year events, Pokemon Company also presents an Update Season for their MOBA game, including presenting new Pokemon with various prizes and snow in Shivre City! This event will be present in the Pokemon Unite game from December 15 to January 16.

There will be a new Pokemon, Tsareena, who is an All-Rounder, this new Pokemon has strong legs with Trop Kick and Grassy Glide skills that will add to the excitement of the gameplay in Pokemon unite. Tsareena was released for free to players who logged in on December 31st, while Dragonite, which is a popular semi-legendary Pokemon, will be in the game on December 20th. But there is still no information from the Pokemon Company about this Dragon type Pokemon.

During this new seasonal event, Pokemon that are knocked out will turn into snowmen, and players will see a Delivery Pokemon, Delibird, which can be defeated to get items that can be used to help you win the battle. After 2 minutes, in this snowy event, Articuno which is one of the legendary bird pokemon will also be present to enliven this MOBA game.

Pokemon Unite update new year christmas event Tsareena Dragonite

There will be several Challenges given by the Pokemon Company, players must collect various kinds of decorations to decorate the Christmas tree in the Lobby Menu, and various missions that can be completed. Various prizes, including decoration items, fashion items, and Free Trial Alolan Ninetails for 1 day will also be given to players.

From December 24 to January 6, players can also take part in the Photo Challenge event by collecting Snowflakes and completing Seasonal Art Pieces in the game. January 1, coinciding with the new year, players will also get various attractive prizes just by logging into the game. In addition, for 3 days after the new year, players can use all the pokemon in the game for free!

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Pokémon UNITE Holiday Festivities will be snow much fun! ❄️


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