Promised Neverland x Identity V Crossover Collaboration Is Back With New Mystery!

There is good news for players who missed the previous Promised Neverland x Identity V collaboration event, because recently NetEase reported that it would restart the second crossover collaboration with this popular anime, they will bring Emma, ​​Ray, and Norman into the show. the horror-asymmetric game.

In this Promised Neverland x Identity V collaboration, players can get Emma, ​​Norman, Ray, Mom Isabella, Gilda and Don who ran away from Oletus Manor. Identity V has also announced this on their social media by publishing the official poster of the crossover collaboration.

promised neverland x identity v collaboration crossover

If players pay close attention to the collaboration poster, you will see a variety of scary clocks, frames, and books, there are also many secrets that may be hidden in the collaboration poster. Yep, if players have never played Identity V and are interested in playing, to uncover the secrets of this collaboration, players can download Identity V on GooglePlay or the AppStore.

Identity V is a mobile horror-asymmetric game, players can play as Survivor or Hunter. Survivor has a task to complete 5 ciphers that aim to get a password that can be used to open the gate and run away from the game arena. Meanwhile, Hunter has a task to find and kill the survivors so they can’t run away from the game arena.

Source: idv


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