PUBG Mobile Will Soon Collaborate With Godzilla vs Kong

At the event celebrating the third anniversary of the PUBG Mobile battle-royale game, the mobile game announced their latest collaboration. At yesterday’s announcement, PUBG Mobile will soon collaborate with a splashy film lately, yep Godzilla vs Kong.

This announcement was made by Adam Wingard, as the director of the film Godzilla vs Kong. Adam proudly said that PUBG Mobile will soon have a variety of new content adapted based on the elements of the Godzilla vs Kong movie.

This latest collaboration will certainly present one main content in the form of a new mini game, where players will get the opportunity to fight the two monsters. Gozilla and Kong will be the main enemies in this mode, and the player’s job is to defeat them. PUBG Mobile GODZILLA vs KONG

In accordance with the synopsis of the film, Godzilla and Kong will fight each other to prove who the real alpha predator is on earth. However, in the collaboration mode at PUBG Mobile, there will be a possibility that they will work together to beat the players.

The details for this mode have not been explained further, and for when this mode will be available has not been announced. It is possible that this mode will be available in late March to mid-April, along with the film’s release date.

This collaboration is also the first major collaboration for the PUBG Mobile game in 2021. If you look at the competitive collaboration provided by its competitor game, Free Fire, which continues to collaborate in a big way, it certainly makes PUBG Mobile have to start acting too.


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