PUBG Mobile Will Collaborate With KartRider Rush+ Racing Game

Currently, collaboration on mobile games has become something that is often done. One of the mobile battle-royale games that often collaborates is PUBG Mobile, they just announced a new collaboration with KartRider Rush+ for an update in June.

For players who don’t know, KartRider Rush+ is a mobile game from developer NEXON Company. The game is a multiplayer racing game and the gameplay is similar to Mario Kart, only with characters adapted based on the KartRider design. This mobile game is also known to have received many awards during the year 2020.

During the collaboration, PUBG Mobile will receive a variety of new content taken from the racing game. The main content in this collaboration is a costume called Bazzi, which can be obtained permanently if the player completes the mission, which is to drive 30,000M in-game.

pubg mobile cartridge rush

For now, this new collaboration event has only been confirmed for the South Korean region, for the global version there is still no certainty. Seeing the availability of this racing game that is available globally, it doesn’t seem surprising that later this collaboration will be available for global servers as well.

It is informed that this collaboration event will last for approximately one week in June now. This event will take place right after the PUBG Mobile and McLaren collaboration is over soon.

PUBG Mobile is fair enough in terms of collaboration if we judge that the collaboration with KartRider Rush+ is quite small when compared to Godzilla vs Kong or Blackpink. But, still, Tencent is still firmly committed to continuing to bring new content and collaborations to the game.

Source: NEXON Press Release


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