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PUBG Mobile Collaborates with Yamaha for New Vehicles

PUBG Mobile always tries to bring the latest content updates to the players, so that players get a new playing experience when playing this battle royale game, so that boredom by playing the same game repeatedly will not happen.

Having previously announced a gameplay update by presenting an exclusive map, Livik , this time they announced they would make a new vehicle update. This update will be very serious, because the 2 new vehicle skin updates are presented through a collaboration with a Japanese motorcycle company, Yamaha.

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Although the developer of PUBG Mobile has not provided details regarding which Yamaha products will be presented in the game, but there have been leaks that the MWT-9 and T7 motorcycles will later be present as skins at PUBG Mobile. Looking at these two motorcycle designs, we can slightly speculate that the MWT-9 and T7 will be a vehicle that has high mobility in in-game.

Surely the two very cool motor skins will be present along with the major update which is planned to be held on June 7, 2020, along with the presence of Livik map and Unranked Classic Mode.

Publisher: Tencent

Sumber: YouTube

PUBG MOBILE & YAMAHA Collaboration Coming Soon

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