Not only Free Fire, PUBG Mobile is also collaborating with McLaren

Recently came the announcement about the collaboration between Garena Free Fire x McLaren. Now we also get information that another mobile battle royale game, PUBG Mobile, will also collaborate with the same car brand, McLaren.

Despite the announcement of the same and concurrent collaboration, the timing of the events of these two battle-royale games will be different. From the information obtained so far, Garena Free Fire will release this McLaren collaboration event first. Then, after the collaboration event is over, it’s PUBG Mobile’s turn to release the collaboration event.

For PUBG Mobile, the event title that will be used will probably be titled Top Speed ​​to Chase Your Dreams. It seems that, judging by the teaser given by the developer, PUBG Mobile will present a new car with six types of skin designs for the new car. Of course, this car design will only be available during the collaboration event deadline.

McLaren x pubg mobile

For other information, it shows that PUBG Mobile will have 6 types of cars from the McLaren 570S. The six types of designs are Zenith Black, Lunar White, Raspberry, Glory White, Pearlescent and Royal Black.

PUBG Mobile looks like it will be waiting for another collaboration event to finish first. Because at this time, as we know, PUBG Mobile is still collaborating with Godzilla vs Kong. With this event which has just entered a new phase, it looks like the PUBG Mobile x McLaren collaboration event still has to wait even longer.

Even though this collaboration is not as big as with blockbuster films like Godzilla vs Kong, it is still a collaboration like this that is very unique and worth looking forward to. Especially for mobile games like PUBG Mobile, which is very rare to collaborate with car brands like this.

We still have very little information, so let’s just wait for Tencent’s decision to provide a more detailed explanation regarding this collaboration later.

Source: McLaren


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