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PUBG Mobile Major Update Patch 0.15.0, Presents RPG & Helicopter

PUBG MOBILE has officially announced that they will be updating patch 0.15.0, many rumors are circulating that this update will be done in a Major Update, which will present a variety of new content.

The rumor is said that PUBG MOBILE will present many new items, such as Helicopters and Grenade Launcher. And it seems that the rumors will come true, because not long ago the 0.15.0 patch note leaked and even in it did not only include helicopters and Grenade Launcher, there were many other unexpected things, it would be presented at the PUBG MOBILE.

MOBILE PUBG Patch 0.15.0 helicopter

Here are the patch notes that have leaked, which have been translated:

EvoGround Payload Mode

On the basis of classic competition, enhance the vehicle experience with helicopters, compete with heavy weapons that will be obtained from loot drop, and use communication towers to call back teammates who have been eliminated, new gameplay, increased firepower.

Helipad Flying Vehicles

Find the helipad on the map, you can drive by helicopter to fight from land and air.

Super Weapon Box

Refreshing weapons timings, activated after 3 minutes of refreshing, you can take weapons from airdrops, level three armor, large firearms, and other supplies.

Recall Friends

Take your friend’s ID Card that has been knocked out and go to the communication tower to recall a teammate!


classic rocket launcher.

M3E1-A missile

Missiles that can destroy tracking vehicles.

Grenade Launcher M79

Single grenade launcher uses a 40mm grenade.

Heavy Machine Gun M134

Uses 7.62mm bullets.

Grenade Launcher MGL

Use a 40mm Grenade.

Air Raid Locator

An air strike on the target area, which can be used to block roads or close strategic places.

Vehicle Repair Kit

Restore HP from vehicles and repair damaged tires.

New Desert Eagle Pistol

Desert Eagle has the highest Damage and Speed ​​bullets in existing PUBGM firearms, which will be available on all maps.

Desert Eagle has 62 points of damage, and can be equipped with Red Dot Sight, Holographic Site, various magazines and Laser Sight that help improve accuracy.

Compared to other firearms, the amount of damage and speed of bullets is extraordinary, but on the contrary, the weapon has a large recoil when shooting with them.

The gun uses .45 caliber bullets and can be loaded for up to 7 rounds by default.

Can be increased to 10 rounds after total magazine expansion.

New Mechanism: Climbing

Makes the player to climb and allows the player to move between buildings and buildings, allowing the player to go to places that were previously inaccessible, thus changing the player’s ability to move, explore and defend.

How to climb: After pressing the jump button to jump, find the right time and press the jump button again so that the hand can grip, and applies to all maps.

New Mechanism: Fuel Barrel Explosion

Fuel barrels can explode if triggered by a weapon attack or melee attack, causing damage to the surroundings.

Graffiti Spray

With the spray function, players with spray can personalize spray on any object, such as walls in battle scenes.

Spray is an item that can be consumed. Can be used only once, and the player can carry up to 4 different types of spray into battle.

New Ground Training

Now you can choose to enter the FPP special training ground.

Beginner’s mission

New registered players can enter every day to unlock daily beginner missions, and receive beginner prizes every day.

New Partner Prize

When the relationship between partners reaches 1000, an exclusive title of partner can be obtained.

When scores reach 2000, 2500 and 3000, new partner standing positions can be obtained.

Player Information tab

When another player is tapped on the left side of the chat and invitation team, the player information tab will be displayed on the right side.

Prize-giving scene

Now you can give prizes in the room to other players while in the chat room, forming teams, and completing battles. This solution can also increase the value of popularity for players.

Grenade Skin

Current grenades can also be personalized, models loaded with grenade skin will not change, and blast damage will not change.

Skydiving Gliding Props

Adding two gliding props, these items are tied to the hand, adding colored smoke.

New Store Close-up

When the player tries on a hat, helmet, face towel or backpack, it will automatically switch to a close-up view of the bust.

New eyeglasses

After the update, glasses and masks no longer share space, and glasses and all face masks that do not block the eye can be worn together. Read More: Mythical Awaken Seven Knight, Now Available!

After a background update, players who are still using the old version will not be able to see the eyes when they wear glasses. You can see it when you update to version 0.15.0.

Performance Optimization

Fixed several reource loading problems and increased combat.

Logic in using weapons will be improved, the player will be smoother when entering the display field.

Reduce CPU usage on main thread caused by UI Logic, reduce power consumption and device heat.

Optimized performance for low-end hardware to improve smooth performance on low-end phones.

Graphic Optimization

Optimizes the appearance of weapons and clothing, improves texture quality, model accuracy, lighting calculations, etc.

Hall interface light and shadow optimization improve hall and shadow performance.

Control Optimization

When the finger controls the main lens, the half screen lens control function of the joystick will close. When the finger on the lens control side is raised, lens control operation on the rocker side will appear.

After this implementation can reduce the possibility of the player moving the lens accidentally and get a smoother playing experience.

Weapon Action

When holding various types of weapons in the game will make different weapon movements according to the type of weapon being held.


That’s the patch update 0.15.0 that was leaked, what do you think? Are you looking forward to trying the new update from the PUBG Mobile?

Source: XDA Developers

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