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PUBG Mobile Update Patch 0.19.0 Added Library Map Mode

Finally, in PUBG Mobile update patch 0.19.0, the official Map Mode Library was added to the game. If you have played Point Blank, you must be familiar with the gameplay maps in the new Libary Map Mode. If you want to try this latest mode, you can find it on the Arcade menu in the PUBG Mobile game.

Gameplay in library mode will bring players to compete with other teams of 4 players, players will be brought into a library to fight each other. The winner will be determined from the team that gets 18 kills first. Not only that, in this Library Map Mode, each player manages to kill the enemy with a certain weapon, so that weapon cannot be used again in the ongoing game.

fajaryusuf.com PUBG Mobile Library Map Mode a

Not only designed to hone skills using various weapons in PUBG Mobile, this mode will also hone skills to play quickly and responsively, because this map is designed to be narrower and battles will take place as often as possible.

Of course this is a new attraction in the PUBG Mobile game, the developer continues to present various new modes so that players continue to get new experiences when playing this battle royale game.

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Mode Baru PUBG Mobile : Game Gun Library
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