PUBG Mobile Update Patch 1.3 Presents New Weapon Sniper

The waiting for PUBG Mobile battle-royale game players for the presence of new content in the 1.3 patch update will be realized soon.

PUBG Mobile Japan announced that they will soon release update patch 1.3 which will present new weapons, modes, and vehicles.

In the announcement on the official twitter account, PUBG Mobile Japan plans to release upadate patch 1.3 for Japanese servers on March 9th.

The new weapon that will be presented in patch 1.3 is Mosin Nagant. Mosin Nagant is a Sniper type weapon that uses 7.62 mm ammunition, the same as the Kar98K.

Mosin Nagant has a very high rate of fire, but the resulting damage is lower. Not only weapons, patch 1.3 will also present a new vehicle called Motor Glider. Pubg mobile update patch 1.3

Motor Glider is a type of aerial vehicle that has a capacity of 2 players. This vehicle can only be played on the Erangel and Miramar maps.

PUBG Mobile is also rumored to be providing a new classic mode entitled Hundred Rhythms. Players can play Hundred Rhythms mode on Erangel and Miramar.

Unfortunately, still doesn’t know for sure when the 1.3 patch update will be released globally.

However, some media and fans expect patch 1.3 to be released globally within the same time frame as the release of patch 1.3 in Japan.

Source: PUBG Mobile Japan Twitter


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