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PUBG Mobile Presents Unranked Classic Mode

A few days ago it was confirmed that the patch update 0.19.0 PUBG Mobile will present a new exclusive map, yep Livik. Now on the Major Update which will be released on July 17, 2020, it will add a new mode, namely Unranked Classic. This mode is in the trial phase in the beta version of PUBG Mobile, in this new mode the player does not need to be afraid of falling rank when playing classic mode.

Previously, PUBG Mobile did not include an unranked mode, so all players who played the battle royale game were forced to play Ranked Classic mode. So that with the presence of a new mode on this one the player no longer needs to fear losing rank.

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That’s why this unranked classic mode is very suitable to be played by novice players to practice playing PUBG Mobile skills. The developer also explained, later this unranked mode can be played in all maps in PUBG Mobile, but players can still play solo, duo, or squad.

Of course this one update mode will provide a significant change to the PUBG Mobile game, because this unranked mode will be useful as a place to hone skills for new players.

Publisher: Tencent

Source: Beta Test PUBG Mobile

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