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PUBG Mobile Update Version 1.0 New Era Realistic Graphics Enhance

PUBG Mobile has announced a new era for the mobile battle royale game. Yep PUBG Mobile will update the game application version to Version 1.0 New Era. In this new update, the developer promises new technology and also a new user playing experience for players.

In this ambitious version update, the PUBG Mobile game developer also stated his plan to create a more realistic in-game atmosphere. Surely they will improve the quality of the game and also improve the player character graphics along with the in-game light and details.

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Texture effect elements such as plants, smoke, gusts of air, sparks, water, shadows, grass, and sight effects when using weapons will all be given a realistic feel with improved graphics. Plunge, sprint, jump and throw also don’t forget to improve.

This update is planned to be carried out on September 8 2020. PUBG Mobile is updating the version 1.0 New Era because they want to thank the loyal players who have participated for the last 3 years and have remained loyal to play PUBG Mobile.

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