PUBG Mobile Presents Various New Features In Update Version 1.5

The battle-royale game PUBG Mobile has now announced their new update for the beta patch 1.5 Test Server. In beta 1.5, which can be accessed by players, it provides information about new content and features that will be present in the PUBG Mobile game.

Later, the update to the beta patch 1.5 will also be applied to the original version of PUBGM, yep, PUBG Mobile 1.5. The following is a content leak and new features that will be present in PUBG Mobile patch 1.5:

Matrix Arena

Matrix Arena is a futuristic event that features a new mode but can be played in classic matches.


Hyperlines is a high-tech transport that is used to rotate the entire Erangel map. This floating train-like transportation will have a route throughout the Erangel map and players have 10 seconds before the Hyperline departs for the next location.

pubg mobile update versi patch 1.5

Air Conveyor

This tool has a function to make the players fly in the specified direction. The goal is to allow players to rotate by flying.
Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

Motorcycles that have anti-gravity skills will be present in PUBG Mobile patch 1.5. This vehicle has levitation technology that makes it have a speed exceeding ordinary motorcycles. Not only reliable speed, this vehicle can also run on land and water.

General Guardian Robot

This tool can be found in some urban areas on certain maps. When activated, this robot resembles a dog and will scan around the map and mark and find high-quality combat equipment for players to pick up.


One of the most awaited weapons when it was released on PUBG PC, yep MG3. This weapon has an LMG class and uses 7.62 ammunition. This weapon can be obtained in an exclusive Air Drop.

Tactical Telescope

This special tool has a function to find enemies and mark enemies.

Victory Statue

A special MVP statue that is given after a player is able to get a Chicken Dinner. Players can spawn a Victory Statue to a designated location and celebrate with special Emotes near the statue.

Not only new content and features, PUBG Mobile will also fix some existing bugs and make PUBG Mobile patch 1.5 better than before.


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