PUBG Mobile x Arcane lol League of Legends series movie

PUBG Mobile x Arcane (League of Legends series movie) collaboration is coming soon

There is very surprising news, did you know? That there will be a collaboration between MOBA and Battleroyale games. Yep PUBG Mobile will collaborate with Arcane (League of Legends series movie) soon.

PUBG Mobile will collaborate with a Netflix series entitled Arcane. Arcane is an animated series based on the popular moba game League of Legends.

This film series is adapted from League of Legends (LoL) and will focus on the story of the two main characters, the sisters Jinx and Vi. In addition, this LoL animated series is planned to be aired this November on Netflix and it will certainly be very lively if they collaborate with PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile x Arcane lol League of Legends series movie

PUBG Mobile x Arcane, this collaboration information was first published in several posts on the PUBG Mobile Instagram account showing the silhouettes of champions Jinx and Vi.

And there is a picture of Jinx holding a Flaregun and that makes the news of this collaboration even more hype throughout the players.

If this collaboration is true, it will be the most epic and memorable collaboration between PUBG Mobile and League of Legends. Because the two giants of MOBA and Battleroyale games will now collaborate!

Source: PUBGM Instagram


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