PUBG Mobile x Rich Brian Collaboration Presents Aerial Air Max Set

Tencent Games has announced another new collaboration for their mobile battle royale game, yep PUBG Mobile. Although this mobile battle-royale game is still holding collaboration events with other parties, they don’t stop announcing new collaborations. Currently, PUBG Mobile x Rich Brian will do a new collaboration.

At this new collaboration event, PUBG Mobile presented a new skin set whose design was adapted based on Rich Brian. The name of the skin set is Aerial Air Max Set, a new set that players can get by buying it right now. By buying this skin set, players will also get the default face of Rich Brian’s character, that’s what makes this skin set special.

If you look at the design, it looks like this skin set was inspired by the post apocalyptic world, but there are still elements of music and concerts. The costume uses a color combination of black and yellow, complete with concert uniforms. Players who are fans of this rapper don’t want to miss buying it.

pubg mobile x rich brian

For players who don’t know who Rich Brian is, Brian is a musician, more precisely, a rapper from Indonesia. However, because of his extraordinary talent Brian was finally able to go international and is now a member of the 88rising group, the group consists of young musicians from all over the world.

Previously, PUBG Mobile and Brian had collaborated as well, when this mobile game held a major esports event a few years ago. On the occasion of the collaboration, they did not release a skin set like this, but the collaboration succeeded in producing a new song and a voicepack taken from Rich Brian.

In this second collaboration, it is not as big as the first because we only get a skin set. However, it is still a matter of pride for Indonesian players to be able to see one of Indonesia’s famous musicians enter this PUBG Mobile class game.

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