PUBG New State Season 1 update variety of content NEW

PUBG New State presents a Season 1 update with a variety of content

PUBG: New State recently collaborated with Bugatti Rimac to bring Hypercar to the Battleroyale game. Players can enjoy the fully electric Rimac Nevera and enlarge the entire Troi in itThis is also the first update of PUBG: New State in 2022 which will be released this week.

Then there is also a new mode, BR: Extreme, this is a new game mode that is present in PUBG: New State. This is a more compact and faster version of Battleroyale, featuring 64 players with each round lasting only 20 minutes. The map in this mode is also smaller with a smaller Troy area that will be randomly selected for each match. Surviving players start each round with a fixed set of weapons and two dropped packs at random locations. Other changes to this mode include an increased number of vehicles, jumping from planes from lower altitudes, faster arrival of Delivery Drones, and shorter waiting times for teammate transfers.

Next there is a new weapon, P90, this is a new SMG that will be added in this update. The P90 will appear in Care Packages and on the Battleground and will feature a tier two transformative scope with suppressors. This gun uses 5.7mm ammo and will not allow for any other mods.

PUBG New State Season 1 update variety of content NEW

Not only that, there is also a new weapon customization, players can now install a Flash Hider or Compensator to the DP-28 with the loss of reducing weapon damage. The Lightweight Stock has been updated to reduce bullet spread during fire with increased ADS speed, with reduced weapon stability.

The latest information, Season 1 begins, the new year 2022 presents Season 1 at PUBG: New State. All Tiers will be reset for all regions and modes based on the highest tier achieved during Preseason. After reaching Contender, Master, and Conqueror ranks, players will get bigger rewards, tier evaluation rankings will be refreshed, and some level points will be rewarded by selecting multiple maps.

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