Ragnarok X: Next Generation Will Celebrate Halloween Update

Soon Halloween will be here! Nuverse plans to celebrate this special event with the next big update releasing in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, giving players the chance to get into the Halloween spirit while earning tons of exclusive rewards!

Just like the real world, everyone is getting ready for the holidays with spooky decorations, Midgard players are also celebrating Halloween in their own way. Stroll down the streets of Prontera, and players will see pumpkins, bats, and ghosts, as everyone gets ready to let loose at the upcoming Halloween event!

From October 31 to November 11, players with BaseLvl35 and above will be able to enter the event by talking to Jakk near Odin’s Stature on Prontera to join one of the ten party scenes. Every day between 20:00 – 21:00, Jakk will summon a large group of miniboss and MVPs in various areas of Prontera at specified intervals. Players must eliminate these bosses to obtain exclusive Halloween ‘Badge’ ingredients and edible candies (with ‘surprising’ effects!), along with all experience, zeny, and rare bosses that accompanies it. After the event time is over, players will also be ranked based on their performance, which can also give them additional bonuses that can be exchanged for special prizes.

Ragnarok X Next Generation rox halloween

After the party is over, players can exchange their Halloween Materials to Jakk for a variety of gifts, Halloween-themed items, from simple Devil Hats to Witch costume sets. Note that Jakk will only stay in Prontera for 7 days after the event ends, so don’t forget to redeem your gifts before Jakk leaves for good!

Nuverse also very aware of the popularity of GvG of Ragnarok X: The Next Generation, as well as the success of Cross-Server Ultimate Hunter Showdown large scale recently, where thousands of players should represent their servers in the legendary battle for Glory. With that in mind, we are happy to announce that the GvG Cross-Server System will be permanently added to the game on October 23, giving players the opportunity to not only be the best on their servers, but in the entire game!

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