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Ran Mouri Present at the Collaboration Identity V x Conan

Not long ago, Identity V officially announced a new collaboration event with Detective Conan. Due to the popularity of the Anime and manga series being very popular, fans must be very happy about the announcement of the collaboration.

Identity V has also provided a brief trailer related to our famous Detective Kogoro Mouri, who will be added to the game. And now Kogoro Mouri is not alone, because Ran Mouri will also be presented in the game.

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Identity V is an asymmetrical horror game, players can play as survivors or hunters. Survivor is tasked with working with 3 other players in a 1v 4 match against the hunter, and out of the space provided and run from the hunter’s pursuit. While the hunter is tasked to keep the survivors from running away and killing them.

This mobile game is very cool to play with friends, and recently held a 2nd Anniversari event. So for those of you who are interested in this mobile game and are big fans of detective conan, now is the time for you to try to play it, because you will get a variety of prizes from existing events!

Publisher: NetEase

Source: YouTube

Ran Mouri - сast: Martha Behamfil (cn. ver.) / Poster / Identity V х Detective Conan
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