Revamp Vexana Mobile Legends 2021 new

Revamp Vexana! From scary to beautiful in Mobile Legends

Vexana is a Hero Mage that is rarely played by players in Mobile Legends, with such a low Pickrate, Moonton decided to Revamp Vexana, by changing Vexana’s Skills and appearance in Mobile Legends.

Then, do you want to know the appearance of Vexana after Revamp in Mobile Legends? Based on information from trusted Leakers Mobile Legends, they provide information on the appearance of Vexana after Revamp which is really very different and looks beautiful.

On Leak’s information, it appears that the current image is a reference that can refer to the appearance of Revamp Vexana which will be present in Mobile Legends in 2022. For the exact appearance is still not there for now.

At first, Vexana dressed in all black with the theme of the Mythology creature, Undead. And will be transformed into a beautiful woman in a purple dress who is controlling an Orb like ELF.

Revamp Vexana Mobile Legends 2021 new

Vexana’s changes in appearance definitely make her a hero who is more often used by Mobile Legends players, especially women. Possibly, Vexana became the favorite Hero of the women besides Angela and Nana with the change in appearance.

The scary horns were also removed by Moonton from Vexana, and turned into beautiful light green horns. With that appearance, Vexana was more like a fairy, rather than a death control queen.

However, for now there is still no definite information about the skill changes and the release date of this Vexana Revamp in Mobile Legends. We’ll just have to wait for further information later.

Source: dafrixkun


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