Review of the Diablo-banner that was featured in Slime Isekai Memories

Just a few days after the RPG-Buildcity game titled Slime Isekai Memories was released, WFS has decided to introduce Banner Diablo in the game.

This new event and banner has the title Nation of Monsters Diabolic Secretary, adds new characters with Elementdark and presents the Octogram Bazaar, players can get Space Milim Nava for free. In addition to the new content, here are all the new characters in the Diablo Slime Isekai Memories Banner update:

New Battle Characters

  • *5 Diablo [The Black Progenitor]
  • *5 Milim Nava [The Proud Dragon Demon Lord]
  • *4 Benimaru [Crimson Ogre Warrior]

New Protection Characters

  • *5 Shion [The Talented Secretary]

Review Banner Diablo Shion slime isekai memories

Diablo: The Black Progenitor

Diablo is a Physicaldamage Darkelement Singletarget Damagedealer.
Skill 1 Devotion : Increases ATK by 20% and reduces Darcrestance of all enemies by 10% for one turn.
Skill 2 Soul Manipulation : converting Soul of Skills x1 to Soul of Divine Protection also increases Soul of Divine Protection’s gain gauge by 5% for one turn.
These 2 Diablo skills are very cheap, only costing 25 Pointskill.

Due to Devotion, Diablo is a very powerful Single target Nuker, almost the same as Gazel, but for the Darkelement team. Gazel does have a higher ATK. Overall, Diablo is a great character, but not as important as that said, the current Space Rimuru and Wind Milim who are still very good at almost all the teams in Slime Isekai Memories.

Shion: The Talented Secretary

Shion is an alternative Protection Character from [Starve] Orc Disaster as a *5 character for the Dark team.

Benimaru: Crimson Ogre Warrior

Benimaru is a Physicaldamage Darkelement Singletarget Damagedealer that is almost the same as Diablo, and doesn’t have many advantages.

Milim Nava: The Proud Dragon Demon Lord

Milim looks very Overpower. Not only did Milim have the highest ATK in the game with clear stats, but Milim also had excellent Selfbuffs and TeambuffsMilim’s ultimate skill also has a very useful damage multiplier, maybe Milim is the best character in this Slime Isekai Memories game.

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