Revived Witch update Phantom Mirror of Stars Nannar Metamorphoses

Revived Witch new update Phantom Mirror of Stars, featuring Nannar & Metamorphoses

Revived Witch‘s latest Time-Limited event entitled Phantom Mirror of Stars invites players to have a new experience to explore the “Mirror World”. The pixel art style RPG from Yostar Games allows players to explore a mysterious mirror world filled with twinkling stars that hides unknown secrets within.

In the Revived Witch game, players can enjoy new events by completing Event Story to get Stars and other valuable resources. The Limited-Time Event Shop allows players to exchange Stars for a variety of cool items, including new SSR Dolls, Acheronte, as well as new furniture sets. This update also welcomes three new Dolls, Nannar, Metamorphoses, and Acheronte.

Revived Witch update Phantom Mirror of Stars Nannar Metamorphoses

In particular, the new SSR Doll, Acheronte, Bard of the Deceased, is a Fallen Angel that can inflict Magic-Damage that destroys enemies. The SSR Mage unit also increases the magic damage taken by all enemies, which means Acheronte is a very important team member when it comes to DPS.

In addition, the new UR Doll, Nannar, Guard of the Mirro , is a UR Guardian that can protect itself and absorb damage taken by teammates. The Chaos Nannar skill can dispel enemy Buffs and lower their Magic-Defense. Furthermore, Metamorphoses, Dominator of Souls, is a UR Doll Compeller that can be Support with different Buffs according to the mask.

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