Rogue Guard Comes To Auto Chess As Warrior/Demon

Auto Chess has just introduced a new unit that will be released soon. This unit has name Rogue Guard, with the race Demon and class Warrior.

So far, the new units that are present in Auto Chess are always the same as the heroes in the Dota 2 version. Previously, Shining Archer Auto Chess which is Mirana Dota 2 version, Ghost Prophet which is Death Prophet, and Fortune Teller is Dazzle. With the above, it means that Rogue Guard is Sven .

If it is true that Rogue Guard is Sven, it means it will be in tier 5 gold. Rogue Guard will also have passive and active skills.

Passive skills will make every attack he did do cleave damage. This means that the attack will spread to enemy units around the target.

Meanwhile, his passive skill will give him bonus attack damage for all Demon you have on board.

This ability is certainly very strong if you play Combo Demon. But if only he gets bonus damage, this ability is still very strong especially with the effect of the cleave damage he has.

In a meta-in-game, this unit can enter any combo, whether in Demon combo or Combo without Demon. Very cool!

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