The Leaked Royale Pass PUBG Mobile Season 19 with Insect Themes

The leaked Royale Pass battle-royale game PUBG Mobile Season 19 has been revealed! PUBG Mobile will start Season 19 soon after undergoing Season 18 for at least 2 months at this time.

Surely the players can’t wait to see some of the new content displays that will be coming to Season 19 which will be coming soon. In the next update, PUBG Mobile will also provide a new patch, Patch 1.4, which will provide various new content.

In this patch, players can’t wait to see Godzilla vs Kong arrive in the PUBG Mobile map, along with the collaboration costumes!

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Royale Pass with the Themed Insects and Fairies!

royale pass season 19 pubg mobile

Yep, in Season 19, players will get a new themed Royale Pass, which is themed insects and fairies. This new Royale Pass will be given the title, Traverse, and in the trailer that is revealed we can see that all the characters will shrink as they enter into a mini world.

Royale Pass Season 19 is planned to arrive on May 17, 2021, along with rank reset and other updates.

Players will get various attractive prizes such as Insect Queen Mini 14, AKM Wonderland, and other mini fantasy-themed skins.

For the RP 100 which is the main costume, there will be an Insect Queen Set which has a pink color and has fairy wings on the back with a face that is a little creepy like an insect.

For the RP 100 PUBG Mobile, it is like being able to provide two choices, apart from the Insect Queen Set, players can also choose the General Beetle Set, which has the appearance of a Japanese samurai with a claw beetle theme.

Surely the Royale Pass Season doesn’t disappoint, and it’s really cool. Moreover, the added collaboration event with Godzilla vs Kong!

Source: Leakers PUBG Mobile


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