Rumors That Fortnite Will Bring Skin Ariana Grande

Not long ago, popular game developer Epic Games was rumored to be presenting a new Fortnite skin in collaboration with a popular singer. Yep, this time, the Fortnite skin that is rumored to be released by Epic Games is inspired by a pop singer, Ariana Grande.

Epic Games is known to often present skins for the battle-royale game Fortnite which are adapted based on popular figures outside the game world. One example is an update some time ago that was officially released by Epic Games, namely the Fortnite skin for NBA basketball player, LebRon James.

Now, Epic Games is rumored to be presenting a Fortnite skin adapted based on a figure outside the game world, namely a singer, Ariana Grande.

In addition, although the truth of the rumors about the appearance of the Ariana Grande skin is still unconfirmed, the concept of this new skin design has been circulating in cyberspace. This Ariana Grande skin design concept was first circulated on Twitter social media.

skin ariana grande fortnite

A Twitter user with the account name @principe_guto who created this design concept. In the design concept created by the @principe_guto Twitter account, you can see Ariana Grande’s figure appearing in black clothes and a transparent mini dress that looks like a fairy.

Not only that, this design concept also shows Ariana Grande holding a long stick with a butterfly-shaped tip. Furthermore, if the rumors of Ariana Grande’s skin are true, then this will be the second time that Epic Games will present a Fortnite skin with the theme of a musician/singer.

Some time ago, Epic Games also officially presented the Fortnite skin, Travis Scott. Now, as if to repeat the success of Traviss Scott’s skin, Epic Games will present another singer skin for the second time, with the Ariana Grande skin.

Unfortunately, until now, there is still no official statement from Epic Games regarding the exact release date of Ariana Grande’s Fortnite skin. Especially if we look at the appearance of this new Fortnite skin, it’s still just a rumor.

Although there is still no official confirmation of the date, from rumors circulating, Ariana Grande’s Fortnite skin will be released in August.

Source: Twitter


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