Rumors Update Pubg Mobile Season 9 To Be Released

This Update Rumor refers a lot to the version of PUBG Mobile Chinese so that many players believe it will be updated soon for PUBG Mobile Global season 9.

PUBG Mobile is still one of the games that are still popular today. In fact, it was recently reported that the next update at PUBG Mobile will support framerates of up to 120 fps.

Not only that, there are many rumors of new content that will be present in the most popular battle royale game on mobile device.

Pubg Mobile Season 9 leaked update

Recently a thread appeared on Reddit in the sub-Reddit r/PUBGMobile that discusses leaks surrounding the next PUBG Mobile update.

In that thread there are 10 points that might be present in the next update at PUBG Mobile. Of these several points FajarYusuf.Com will not discuss all of them, but there are some points that seem interesting to discuss, because they can change the gameplay of the game!

New SMG Weapon: MP5K


Again, PUBG Mobile will likely get a new weapon with the type of SMG, the MP5K.

This weapon can only be found on PUBG PCs on the Vikendi with 9mm ammo type.

If you see before, some of the content that is present at PUBG mobile is obtained from the content that is on PUBG PC, so also this MP5K will not be surprised if it will also be present in the mobile version.

Climbing Walls Like Parkour: Ledge Grab

Ledge Grab pubg mobile

This mechanic also previously existed in the PC PUBG which allows the player to hang on certain parts such as the edge of the roof or wall after jumping.

Quite interesting, of course, if the climbing feature of this house will really be present at PUBG Mobile.

AWM, M16, Mutant & Crossbow Will Have More Damage

Crossbow pubg mobile

Yep, that’s right. Rumors surrounding this upcoming update increase damage from the 4 types of weapons above.

Naturally, if the Crossbow will be increased damage given that very rarely the player who uses these weapons, but if some sniper type weapons increased damage FajarYusuf.Com feel unnecessary.

Two Scope: Canted Sight

Canted Sight pubg mobile

This is also one of the features that already exists in PUBG PC. Canted Sight is an attachment that allows weapons to load two scopes.

If this is really implemented into PUBG Mobile, there is a possibility that there will be a new button that can control the use of the two scopes.

New Vehicles In Vikendi: Zima And Snowbike

Zima pubg mobile
Snowbike pubg mobile

If in the map Miramar players can find a typical vehicle that can hit the sand field.

In Vikendi, players will also find two new vehicles, the motorcycle Snowbike and the Zima, which looks like a Jeep that drives in snowy terrain.

More Cartoon-style Skins

cartoon pubg skin mobile

Skin is the main attraction aside from the thrill of PUBG Mobile gameplay. Not a few players are willing to spend money to get the desired skin.

If you are one of the people who crave skin and are also fans of anime and cartoons, the presence of a unique skin with cartoon visuals is a must for you to buy later.


FajarYusuf.Com still does not know the truth of the update rumors, but it is very interesting if the points discussed above were actually released in the next season 9 update.

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