Sayu, Ayaka and Yoimiya Coming Soon to Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact game developer, miHoYo, just released the patch 1.6 update for their action-RPG game a few days ago. In this new patch update, Genshin Impact gives a teaser about the addition of a new regional, Inazuma. In the teaser, miHoYo also hints about the presence of three new characters, namely Sayu, Ayaka and Yoimiya, which are planned to be released soon.These three characters will soon follow Kazuha, because they are characters from the Inazuma region. Kazuha is known to have been confirmed to be a new character in patch 1.6, Kazuha was released earlier than the other three Inazuma characters. That’s why many Genshin Impact players say that Sayu, Ayaka and Yoimiya will be released in the next patch, update patch version 1.7.This information has indeed been said by miHoYo, although it is still not officially confirmed. When Genshin Impact released patch 1.6, miHoYo also released the appearance of the three characters on social media accounts. This is definitely done to provide information about the content of the next update.
sad ayaka yoimiya genshin impact
Inazuma’s regional addition has been informed for a long time, before these 3 new characters were known. After this expansion is confirmed, it looks like miHoYo will officially release the upcoming 1.7 patch, along with the release of these 3 characters.

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