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Scholomance Academy Hearthstone Expansion Now Can Be Played

Finally, Blizzard Entertainment has officially released the latest expansion for the Hearthstone card game, which is entitled Scholomance Academy. Players can now try 135 new cards including 40 new Dual-Class cards and the new Spellburst keyword which has a one-time effect when players use a Spell card.

Blizzard has confirmed that these new cards will be combined with old cards which will open a new spectrum for in-game gameplay. But of course this must be confirmed when players try out these new cards, is it true that the presence of these new cards has a big impact on the playstyle and the resulting combos.

After the announcement of the release of this expansion last month, it became clear that the fun theme and new game mechanics really fit the desires of millions of Hearthstone players around the world.

fajaryusuf.com Scholomance Academy Hearthstone a

Starting today, players who log into the Hearthstone game will get one Legendary Scholomance Academy card at random. And new players who have just registered will also get a new free deck that will be given after completing the tutorial and quest. Comeback players (not playing for the last 120 days) are also made easy by removing the special requirement to claim the free deck.

Get a Legendary Class Card just by login in-game and other attractive prizes by completing Legendary Quests!

Source: Blizzard Forums

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