Season 4 LifeAfter: The 2nd Outbreak, presents The Mass Crisis

Season 4 of LifeAfter: The 2nd Outbreak leaves the survivors with no time to breathe in this MMORPG-Survival game. Desperate Defense may have ended, but an even bigger threat emerged in Doomsday World. The new season introduces a new two-week mode entitled Battle for Survival.

Players entered the second stage of Battle for Survival – the Mass Crisis. November 8th, Super-Dimensional Atoms fall from the sky, bringing zero gravity to Doomsday World for the first time. The origin of this terrifying Black Orb phenomenon is still unknown, but it will all be revealed when the final stage begins on November 20.

This new mode is an all-encompassing mode. Events take place at 8:00 and 20:30 every day and the entire server will join forces to complete challenges, go to main battles, and assist various factions. The Mass Crisis brings an aerial threat to provide even greater challenges for survivors. The Federation has discovered biological weapons thriving in many places. The enemy has grown!

LifeAfter's Season 4 The 2nd Outbreak The Mass Crisis new

The new variety of Infected has reached Super-Dimensional Atom with millions of zombies attacking the base. The three factions also discovered that there was a correlation between this massive atom and three other atoms, which the Federation destroyed when they installed the Gravity Enhancer.

Everything will lead to the final battle. These atoms will create a new gameplay experience for players. The Gravitational Atom has the power of gravitational distortion, pulling victims to the center and causing damage, the Mutational Atom, which can summon infected victims and poison them, and the  Solidifying Atom, which summons black spheres to emit light to protect itself. The Super-Dimensional Atoms themselves have mutated the infected Mouth Swamp, causing black crystals to grow out of their bodies. New types of Infected include Swamp Water Bear, Disguiser, Glider, Predator, and Hibernator .

The faction had a lot of work to do. Scientia is installing gauges to record gravitational shifts, Revenant is gathering information by capturing Infecteds.

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Mass Crisis - The Three Dangerous Atoms


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