Seven Knights 2 event 77 Festival new

Seven Knights 2 presents 77 Festival events with various prizes

Netmarble has officially announced various exciting celebrations for Seven Knights 2, the cinematic Action RPG game available for iOS and Android. To celebrate 77 Days since its global release, the game is hosting 77 Festivals from today until February 16th.

At the event 77 Festival Seven Knights 2, players are likely to get a lot of in-game Items, whether you’re a returning player, a newbie just starting out, or an old fan. The missions given throughout the week will yield various cool prizes such as the Legendary Hero Selection Ticket. There will also be various opportunities to get not only Heroes but also Legendary Equipment, Pet Summon Tickets, Rubies, etc.

Seven Knights 2 event 77 Festival new

To be sure, the Legendary Hero Vindictive Blade Aquila is up for grabs by players for the first time. There will also be Growth Support and Draw Rate Up Events event for players from today until February 4.

In case you didn’t know, Seven Knights 2 is the sequel to the popular Seven Knights game, set 20 years after the events of the original game. SK2 features a robust combat system and cinematic gameplay, as players will follow the story of Lene and the Daybreak Mercenaries.

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[Seven Knights 2] Vindictive Blade Aquila


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