Seven Knights Update Champions League New PVP Content

Netmarble has officially made the latest update for their mobile RPG game, yep Seven Knights introduces new Champions League PVP content, new heroes, in-game prizes, and other improvements for players.

Champions League is a new PVP content targeted at top level players. In the fourth week of each month, the number of players will be determined based on the ranking of the results of the duels carried out during the last three weeks. As players win or lose, they can earn Champions League points that can be exchanged for prizes, such as exclusive Champions League trophies and points for purchasing other items.

As additional information, a new special Hero Seven Demon Lords Sage has been added in this update. players can strengthen Sage up to Level 50. Seven Knights Champions League a

Netmarble also announced the republication of the three Webtoon series, Light Chase, Desert Seed, and Crescent. All three series will be available for players to enjoy. Other series will also be updated in the near future.

To celebrate Seven Knights’ fifth anniversary and introduce Champions League PVP content until October, pre-registration will be available to players with various in-game prizes. Players who pre-register will get the Ex-Seven Knights Ticket 10 + 1 and Hero Ticket 10 + 1 on the fifth anniversary celebration. Besides that, there are also other in-game events such as the daily Punch Machine, popping balloons, and collecting darts with various attractive prizes awaiting.

Source: Netmarble Press Release


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