New Support Class Shai Release in the Black Desert Mobile Latest Update

Game developers MMORPG Black Desert Mobile namely Pearl Abyss has officially publish a new exclusive trailer featuring the new support class named Shai. This new support class will be released on March 26, 2021.

It is said that Shai is a stepson with a desire to know and explore the world of Black Desert Mobile. In-game, Shai has lots of spell buffs and various spell healing which are very useful to become a support.

The desire to explore the world could be a dangerous thing for Shai, that’s why Shai has a boomerang called Florang and Vitclari as the main weapon. As a support person, Shai can also fight even though it’s not the main role. Shai black desert mobile

As a skill mechanic, Shai has a skill that uses a boomerang, these two skills are called Swing Swing and Go Away. Apart from attacking, Shai also has many advantages as a support when in large-scale PvP mode.

Although this latest update will start on March 26th, players can already customize Shai starting March 16th. There will be a variety of new content in this update, with Shai as the main content.

The Ramoness Tournament will also be coming to the game soon, this 3v3 pvp arena mode will give players a match match to find out who the strongest player is. Just like the new support customization, Ramoness Arena will open the registration period on March 16th.

Source: Black Desert Mobile


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