Shang-Chi Skin Has Been Released In Fortnite, Here Are The Details

There is the latest information from Epic Games, which has just released a skin on the latest battle-royale Fortnite game. This latest Fortnite skin released by Epic Games is inspired by Marvel comics and movie characters.

More precisely, this new Fortnite skin was adapted based on a hero named Shang-Chi. The release of the Shang-Chi Fortnite skin was carried out by Epic Games to welcome the release of the film.

As is well known, Shang-Chi’s latest film titled ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ has been aired some time ago. Precisely on September 3 last, this film has been released in a number of theaters in various countries.

To celebrate its release, Epic Games is now presenting a Shang-Chi-themed Fortnite skin. This Fotnite Shang-Chi skin is a Shang-Chi figure with all kinds of characteristics attached to him.

Including one of them is the red clothes worn by Shang-Chi. In this Shang-Chi Fortnite skin, there are also attributes of twin sword weapons presented by Epic Games.

Not only does Shang-Chi have twin swords, this latest Fortnite skin also has another weapon, namely a stick wrapped in a dragon-patterned wrapper.

skin shang chi fortnite

Not only that, there is also a scroll with a red color and the signature Shang-Chi motif on this new Fortnite skin. In addition, the presence of this Shang-Chi Fortnite skin follows several other Marvel character Fortnite skins that have been released by Epic Games.

The marvel skins in Fortnite include Deadpool, Thanos, Black Panther, Black Widow, and other SuperHero skins. With the success of the Marvel skin, Epic Games is currently releasing the Shang-Chi skin, which also intends to celebrate the release of the film.

This Fortnite Shang-Chi skin has been released and is available to players since a few days ago. To be precise, this Shang-Chi skin has been available to players since last September 7th.

Source: EpicGames

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