Shiny Ralts As The Main Pokemon In Pokemon GO Community Day

Pokemon GO Community Day will present Ralts as the main pokemon. Do you know the color of Shiny Ralts later?

You will have the opportunity to catch a large number of Ralts on Pokemon GO Community Day which will be held on August 3 next month. The Pokemon GO party has announced, Ralts will be the main pokemon presented at this Community Day.

Community Day is a special event that lasts for 3 hours that presents a large number of certain Pokemon.

And for Ralts, Ralts is a popular Psychic/Fairy type pokemon that has branched evolution.

Ralts will evolve into Gardevoir or Gallade. Pokemon GO also announced that Gardevoir and Gallade will get special Move skills if they are evolved during the Community Day event.

At present, Gardevoir is one of the best Fairy type pokemon, when viewed in terms of strength.

Later on Community Day, Gardevoir will get stronger if Gardevoir gets a special move that is only found in this event.


If ordinary Ralts are green and white, then Shiny Ralts will be blue and white. In addition to the opportunity to get Shiny Ralts, players also can incubate eggs faster, and can use Lure with a longer duration than usual.

Keep in mind, this event is only valid for 3 hours, so prepare your Pokemon GO before hunting Shiny Ralts. Also note the date, which is on August 3 next month!


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