Gamers Kpop, Let’s Shop BTS World Merchandise Part 2

Netmarble on Monday, September 23/2019 announced that the BTS WORLD merchandise part 2 collection will be present at the Netmarble Online Store starting on September 27 morning.

The latest BTS WORLD merchandise collection consists of badge flags, set manager cards, magnetic ID managers, high-speed wireless charging cradles, and acrylic keyring BTS WORLD ANOTHER STORY.

Netmarble promises to continue to introduce new and diverse products from BTS WORLD games through the Netmarble Online Store.

BTS WORLD part 2

In addition to BTS WORLD merchandise, Netmarble online store also has merchandise from various ‘Netmarble Friends‘ characters, namely Keke, Tori, Bob, and Leon, as well as other popular Netmarble game merchandise such as Seven Knights, Let’s Get Rich, and many more.

Netmarble Online store is also available in Korean, English, Japanese and Mandarin, and also provides shipping services to 128 countries around the world. For more information, please visit the Nermarble Online Store.

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