Again! SINoALICE Will Collaborate With Anime Rozen Maiden

Recently, players were surprised by the collaboration between SINoALICE and the popular anime Re: ZERO. And this time, in May, the mobile RPG game SINoALICE has yet another surprising collaboration with another popular anime, Rozen Maiden.

This collaboration event will bring various characters from the Rozen Maiden anime to the SINoALICE RPG world, such as Rem and Subaru from the anime Re: ZERO. Not only presenting characters, this new collaboration will also bring the original soundtrack and specific scenarios from the anime.

Just like the previous collaboration with Re: ZERO, this collaboration will also be carried out at a celebratory event which is running on a limited basis. The publisher, Pokelabo, did not explain in more detail about this collaboration event, but they informed us that the title of the event this time was “Wind? Or don’t wind? “.

Sinoalice rozen maiden

Pre-collab “Wind? Or don’t wind for crystals? ” Campaign
Tap the image and post a screenshot of your results with the tag #CrystalsForRozenMaidenCollab!
50+ posts will earn everyone 300 twilight crystals!

@sinoaliceglobal Twitter

By starting this collaboration event, Pokelabo started a campaign on social media accounts. On their Twitter account, they are trying to share details of this collaboration event where if there are 50 posts created using “#CrystalForRozenMaidenCollab” then all players on the global server will get 300 twillight crystals for free when this collaboration starts later.

SINoALICE is a mobile RPG game developed by Yoko Taro , the same team as the creators of NieR and Drakengard. This game has been around for a long time on mobile, and the number of players available for this mobile game has never subsided because the content provided is always fresh.

Since it was just announced on May 13th, we have yet to get an exact date when this collaboration will take place. Looking at the time period given for the social media campaign, it looks like this collaboration will start on May 20.

Source: Twitter


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