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Leaked 5 Skill Mode Soldier Operation PUBG Mobile

Now this has circulated a leak about the new PUBG Mobile mode titled Soldier Operation, this mode will increasingly enliven the PUBG Mobile. Soldier Operation is an ordinary battle royale mode with added skill features that players can get at crate in game. At present it is known that there are 5 types of Soldier Skill that players can use later.

To use these skills the player must collect several pieces of material to be made into a skill through the machine skill menu. So the player must collect these items to increase the effectiveness of a skill. Players can also switch skills in the game. The following is a list of 5 known soldier operation skills:

Skill Deployable Shield

Skill Deployable Shield pubg mobile

Soldier Skill this one will put a shield that can make you protect from various attacks. There is no information whether the shield of this skill can be destroyed. The cooldown of the skill is quite long for about 2 minutes.

Skill Jumper and Healing

Skill Jumper and Healing pubg mobilr

This skill will make you jump very high and be able to heal your friends. To heal, you need a special bullet, if fired at a friend the shot will give you a heal effect.

Speed ​​Booster Skill

Speed ​​Booster Skill

As the name suggests, this skill will increase the speed of movement or running for a few moments. Just like Deployable this skill has a cooldown. The cooldown for this skill is around 30 seconds. This skill will be effective to escape from the opponent’s attack but not to chase the Blue zone from outside the circle, because of its short duration.

Graple Hook Skill

Skill Graple Hook pubg mobile

Graple hook skill, if you have tried playing the Ring of Elysium game then you will feel very familiar with this skill. Graple hook will make you jump from one place to another when you shoot a graple. You can jump to the box or to the building. The cooldown of the Graple hook is also very short for 10 seconds.

Skill Manufacturing Table

Skill Manufacturing Table pubg mobile

This skill is one of the support skills, this manufacturing skill is able to make Armor and Helm level 3. But make sure you don’t get hit when using this skill. There is no clarity on what materials are needed to make the armor, or maybe it is just a matter of making it.


That’s 5 Skills in PUBG Mobile Soldier Operation mode, there has been no official announcement when this update will be officially released. It may take a long time or a little longer. So we just wait for this Update mode which will enliven PUBG Mobile later.

Source: LuckyMan

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