Elite Pass Season 34 Free Fire with the theme of Alice in Wonderlands

As usual every month, the mobile battle-royale game Garena Free Fire will update and release a new Elite Pass. Garena Free Fire has officially announced the Elite Pass Season 34 for March. Then, what items can players get on this elite pass?

Elite Pass Season 34 Free Fire is titled Willful Wonders, a theme inspired by the film Alice in Wonderlands. Of course, this new Elite Pass will also have two main bundles and other prizes, especially for players who pre-order will get additional prizes.

Willful Wonders Skin Bundle

Fajaryusuf.com skin Elite Pass Season 34 Free Fire

This skin bundle is for men and women, for men players can get it after collecting 225 badges, while for women it is 50 badges. Both of these bundles have special animated moves and the rumor is that this skin has a tier legend.

Willful Wonders Vehicle Skins

Fajaryusuf.com skin Elite Pass Season 34 Free Fire 2

This new Elite Pass chooses a pick up truck as the vehicle that will get a special skin. The blue and black colors were chosen to be the dominant colors for this skin, still one theme with the overall skin bundle.

Willful Wonders Skin Weapon

For weapons, baseball batt and M1873 shotguns were selected as weapons that get skins. However, these two skins will not get special animations like skin bundles. Both of these skin weapons can be obtained by players at 80 badges and both are rare tiers.

Willful Wonders Skin Accessories

Fajaryusuf.com skin Elite Pass Season 34 Free Fire 3

For skin accessories, players can get backpacks, loot boxes and surfboards, which all have special animations. All these accessories can be obtained by players.


Those are the items that players can get from buying Elite Pass Season 34 this March. If players want to get it quickly, then of course they can buy all items easily. Especially for pre-order buyers, players will get additional items in the form of a Tea Party Hat for free.

Source: Garena Free Fire


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