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Seven Knight Presents New Special Hero, Named Skuld

Netmarble has officially announced today that the Seven Knights as RPG mobile game presents a new special Hero named Skuld, besides that there are a variety of other updates.

Skuld has the nickname the Foreseeing Third Seat which is a member of the Celestial Guardians. This newly added hero can also be strengthened by upgrading Mythical Awaken.

skuld seven knights

A variety of new content is also present along with this update. Players can get various prizes through the latest content entitled Heavenly Stairs. The content will be reset every two weeks.

Not only that, Daily Notifications have also been added to inform daily content to players. Now the player can also adjust Inventory with one click.

Netmarble celebrates Skuld updates by presenting various events. Players can get Gelidus / Isabella Accessory, Power Up Stone, Gold, and many more through the Check-In Event. For more information about please visit the Seven Knights Website.

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