Skylanders Ring of Heroes Presents 2 New PvE Modes & Episode Pass

Com2US has officially added a new PvE mode and Battle Pass (Episode Pass) system to their RPG-turnbased game titled Skylanders Ring of Heroes in the latest update.

2 new modes, Story Mode and Sparring Mode have been added to the Episode Dungeon game, which allows players to learn about the characters’ backgrounds.

Players will be given pieces of “Star Character” in the Skylanders Ring of Heroes game after completing the battle in story mode. The character’s story will be revealed after completing the story mode, they can then take on the character who is revealed as the boss in the sparring mode.

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Sparring Mode has 20 different stages which increase the difficulty after each stage is completed. Players can adjust the parameters for each stage, such as the number of turns, if it is too difficult.

Players will get episode coins every time they finish a stage in story mode or sparring mode. These coins can be exchanged at the shop to receive various character upgrade items.

Not only a new PvE mode, this latest update also introduces Episode Pass, or what is commonly called in other games with Battle Pass. Episode Pass will allow players to get various rewards by completing Episode Dungeon missions.

Several in-game events are also taking place including a log-in event and a series of daily missions that can be completed to earn various rewards. The former will run until February 28 while the latter will be available until February 22.


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