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Leak Season 14 Spark the Flame PUBG Mobile

After success of the Season 13 update with the theme Toy Playground, now there are leaked updates about Season 14 PUBG Mobile. With the new Spark the Flame theme, with metallic silver accents of purple fire legend Egyptian, and the latest skins that you will be able to get for sure by buying Royale Pass Season 14 .

From the skin shown, it seems that later the Spark uses the Middle Eastern-style themes such as the legend of Anubis, Mummy, and others. And maybe the presence of skin Pharaoh, Cleopatra, to the thieves who came from the story of 1001 nights.

fajaryusuf.com season 14 Spark the Flame PUBG Mobile a

A variety of new content is also likely to be present, new maps, new weapons, or new modes, which will make the PUBG Mobile game more exciting to play. If seen from the date, this update is expected to be present on July 12, 2020.

Of all the leaks displayed, what new content do you want? Moreover, it looks like the latest M24 skin will be the most popular highlight later.

Publisher: Tencent

Source: realsports101.com

Season 14 Royale Pass Leaks, S14 Tier Rewards Pubg Mobile

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