Star Gazer and Crazy DJ Skin Bundles Come to Magic Cube Free Fire

Battle-royale mobile game players can get Star Gazer and Crazy DJ Skin Bundles at Magic Cube Exchange Free Fire! Magic Cube Exchange is one of the favorite features of Free Fire players to get cool skin bundles in the game.

Because by exchanging the Magic Cube, players can choose several exclusive skin bundle options without having to use Diamond, aka free. Yep, good news, there will be 2 new cool bundles that are present at the Magic Cube Exchange on July 19, 2021.

For those of you who want to know, in this article, will discuss how to get the bundle! Players can get Star Gazer and Crazy DJ Bundles at the Magic Cube Exchange event. To access it the player must open the menu:

Store->Redeem->Magic Cube, then players can exchange 1 Magic Cube for 1 Bundle skin.

star gazer crazy dj skin magic cube free fire

If you still don’t have a Magic Cube, this item can be obtained by playing the Diamond Royale event. Another way can also be done by exchanging 100 Cube Fragments for 1 Magic Cube on the FreeFire Store.

Yep, that’s the information about the Star Gazer & Crazy DJ Skin Bundle that is present at the latest Magic Cube Exchange Free Fire! So don’t forget to get the skin bundle, okay?

Source: Garena Free Fire


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