State of Survival Presents New Gameplay Mode Moto Grand Prix

Previously, the mobile strategy game State of Survival collaborated with AMC, now the mobile game presents a new gameplay, namely the Moto Grand Prix.

The latest Moto Grand Prix gameplay is a continuation of their previous update, namely the collaboration update for the State of Survival x The Walking Dead event, which brought Daryl Dixon into the State of Survival game.

FunPlus, as a developer and publisher of this mobile game, presents the latest gameplay and content updates on the update patch available this May, one of which is the motorcycle grand prix mode.

State of Survival moto grand Prix the walking dead

As of the 1.11.40 patch update, there are 4 major updates to State of Survival.

Motor Speed : Rusty Spot and Daryl Dixon will tour the city three times, enjoying the thrill of speed accompanied by the sound of a motorbike engine.

Infected person at gas station : Players must clean up the zombies roaming the highway and get rid of every obstacle that gets in their way.

Days with Daryl : Experience Drag Racing with Daryl, find various items to upgrade State and destroy zombies.

“Updates are a very important part that we maintain to ensure our games can be enjoyed by players on an ongoing basis. With such enthusiasm and support for our first collaboration with The Walking Dead, we have decided to bring more gameplay and new content to be announced one by one. “

Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer, FunPlus

Currently State of Survival has surpassed 60 million downloads worldwide, this mobile game also collaborates with AMC and Norman Reedus, with this collaboration Daryl Dixon has become a playable character with a storyline that has been adapted to the State of Survival game.

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