Update Summoner and Occupation Battle BnS Revolution

Netmarble today via a press release that has announced that the Summoner update will be present on June 25 in their oriental action MMORPG, yep Blade and Soul Revolution. Netmarble also informs more detailed information along with this great update teaser video to the public.

The Summoner Update also presents a new Occupation Battle feature, which is a battle place between Clans. Cooperation and strategy are very important in order to get the Clan Contribution by conquering the area. Netmarble also presents a teaser video for the Summoner update, the teaser video shows how players will fight with a familiar cat.

Blade and soul revolution summoner updates

A new server will also be opened with Summoner updates with various prizes and Buffs. Not only that, other special prizes for new players and comeback players will be announced on June 22 through the official forum.

Netmarble also held a Friend Invite Event as a form of celebration for the Summoner update. Players can share codes for friends and get mileage and prizes when the friend logs in and plays in the game. Players can get prizes up to Top 20 ranking with the most mileage. If the invited friend successfully completes until the 4th Act, the invited player and friend will get an additional prize.

Publisher: Netmarble

Source: Netmarble Press Release

[Blade&Soul Revolution] Class Summoner Teaser!
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