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Danger! Team Rocket Boss Comes To Pokemon Go!

Through a variety of official social media, Pokemon Go has announced to the players, that Professor Willow found a hidden folder that is suspicious. Of course, this information makes many players curious about the contents of the intended folder.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that the folder stores the latest information related to the next update that will be released in the game developed by Niantic .

Unexpectedly, the folder stores information about three new characters that will appear in the game. However, there is not much information regarding the character’s identity that will be displayed. However, if you pay close attention, there is a logo in the picture that refers to Team Rocket, an iconic team in the Pokémon series.

the pokemon go rocket team boss
one of the 3 mysterious characters in question

The players suspect, that among these figures will be the boss or leader of Team Rocket in the Pokemon Go game. As is well known, that the 3 Valor, Mystic and Instinct teams already have a leader figure.

valor leader Mystic Instinct pokemon go

In addition, other players also suspect that the boss / leader figures from Team Rocket will be opposing players in a special PokeStop, such as when players fight against members of that team. it is also suspected that the boss / leader characters will use the stronger Shadow Pokémon!

As additional information, Team Rocket was just introduced by Pokemon Go in July 2019. For those of you who want to deal with Team Rocket members, they can be found at the black PokeStop which is a sign that the place has been occupied by the team. Not only that, players can also capture the shadow Pokémon left by Team Rocket members when they are defeated.

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