The Aspires anime-themed skin Mobile Legends layla fanny

The Aspirants anime-themed skin will be released on January 22 on Mobile Legends

The anime-themed Skin Line Mobile Legends, The Aspirants, has been announced for release, Fanny and Layla’s newest skin will feature the famous voice actors, Nana Mizuki and Yoshino NanjoA few days ago, rumors about this Mobile Legends anime-themed skin series have been circulating. Now that it has been unveiled, Moonton provides all the information about the release date on Twitter and there is a video that has been uploaded on Youtube.

The Aspirants Mobile Legends Skin release date

It has been announced by Moonton that The Aspirants skin will be released into the game on January 22, 2022. Currently, there is also an event called Urgent Rally, and it is possible that Fanny and Layla’s Skins may be part of this event.

Mobile Legends Urgent Rally Event

The Urgent Rally event will start on January 16, 2022 and will last more than a month. This event will end on February 25, 2022. There is still plenty of time for players to make a decision about getting this skin. In addition, there will be various kinds of free gifts such as Avatar Border, Normal Skin, Elite Chou Skin “King of Muay Thai”, etc.

The Aspires anime-themed skin Mobile Legends layla fanny

Layla’s “Miss Hikari” skin will be voiced by popular anime voice artist, Yoshino Nanjo. Yoshino has provided the voice for many anime and video games, such as Krile Mayer Baldesion in the Final Fantasy series.

Fanny’s “Blade of Kibou” skin will be voiced by the very popular voice actress as well, Nana Mizuki. Nana is most popular as the voice of Hinata in all Naruto series even in Boruto.

It was also informed in the official post that after this skin was released, players can use the exclusive Switch Voiceovers feature for The Aspirant  and also in other languages. This special feature can be accessed on the Skin Display menu.

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