LifeAfter x Godzilla vs Kong collaboration comeback

The LifeAfter x Godzilla vs Kong collaboration event is here again!

The crossover event between the MMORPG Open World Doomsday Survival Game LifeAfter and the popular monster movie Godzilla vs Kong begins again today! From December 16 to 30, 2021, players will be able to get their hands on a limited edition crossover item that is out of print.

During the event, many bonuses are offered in-game and off-game! Stay active during the event time, and players will have a chance to win crossover items for free. Meanwhile, the official Life After page held a lottery draw event. Grab the chance to meet the greatest giant monster again!

LifeAfter x Godzilla vs Kong collaboration comeback

The crossover event featuring Monster Apocalypse vs Doomsday Zombies became a global hit upon release on May 20. Among all the content, various crossover items are very liked by players. Clothing, weapons, furniture, vehicles, etc. Players could fully utilize the majestic appearances of the two in-game monsters in the Apocalypse World.

Nearly 50 unprinted LifeAfter x Godzilla vs Kong crossover items will return during the event, including Atomic Power, Pajama Party, Flamethrower Godzilla Edition, Zanbato Kong Edition, and more! Don’t miss this last chance to get your favorite crossover item!

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