Update Balancing LoL Wild Rift, Nerf Untuk Teemo, Sona, Rengar dan Rammus

Update Balancing LoL Wild Rift, Nerf For Teemo, Sona, Rengar and Rammus

A few days ago, Riot Games has released a new patch for the game League of Legends: Wild Rift (LOLWR) with patch version 2.4c, which is a minor update for balancing. Yep, with the release of the update, there is a change in the status of the Champions in the mobile MOBA game. Overpowered heroes get Nerf in this patch, and those who are too weak get Buffs so that each existing Champion is more evenly matched. The following are detailed notes on the Buff and Nerf Champions LoL Wild Rift patch 2.4c update.

Teemo (-)

Although not a significant Nerf, Teemo gets into trouble, because getting Nerf is a reduction in his defense status.

Health Regen: 7.5 – 6
Health Level: 115 HP – 105 HP (Health at level 15: 2180 HP – 2040 HP)
Armor: 35 – 30
Armor level: 4.3 – 3.9 (Armor at level 15: 96 – 85)

Rammus (-)

This Champion Tank gains Nerf on Passive Skill. This is done by Riot so that players cannot play it as Damage Dealers, and must be more careful when fighting enemy Champions so that the enemy is in the Early game.

Powerball: Damage 105/150/195/240 – 110/140/170/200

Defensive Ball Curl:
Passive Damage Armor ratio: 10% – 8%
Active Damage Armor ratio: 15% – 12%
Monster damage bonus: 150% – 170%

Update Balancing LoL Wild Rift, Nerf Untuk Teemo, Sona, Rengar dan Rammus

Sona (-)

Sona, if you use various damage-enhancing items, Sona will be too strong. With a low cooldown, Sona can spam skills to increase her damage continuously, so in this new patch, Riot is focusing on nerfing Sona on the cooldown, AP damage, and overall AD damage.

Hymn of Valor:
Active Damage: 40/80/120/160 – 40/75/110/145
Active AP Ratio: 50% – 40%
Ally Aura Bonus Damage AP Ratio: 30% – 20%

Cooldown: 90/75/50s – 100/80/60s

Rengar (-)

Rengar is one of the Jungle Champions in LoL Wild Rift who is very OverPowered especially in Early. This is what the developer noticed to give Nerf to several champions including Rengar who is now getting nerf Attack Damage and Armor.

Armor: 45 – 40
Attack Damage: 70 – 64

Lucian (+)

In the previous patch update, Lucian was given Nerf by Riot because he had a lot of damage in mid-game. This nerf effect causes the pick rate of the marksman hero to decrease so that this Marksman Champion is no longer a META Champion in LoL Wild Rift. This Buff update is expected to increase the pick rate of the marksman hero.

570 HP – 610 HP

Relentless Pursuit:
Cooldown 23/20/17/14s to 22/19/16/13s

Yep, that’s the detail of the balancing champion update in the latest LOLWR patch, some Champions get buffs and nerfs. If you are interested in reading this patch note in more detail, you can visit the official League of Legends Wild Rift website for more information.

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