Update Galactic Battleship T2 Sausage Man Presents Various Interesting Content

A mobile battle-royale game that can easily reach 1 million downloads within 1 month of its release, Yap Sausage Man is one of the most popular battle royale games and is currently hype. Not only that, this mobile battle-royale game will update, by presenting a variety of new content, including presenting new Legend Cards, Galactic Battleship Character Skins, and of course the new 2v2 mode which is very exciting to try.

Players can get motley crew Galactic Battleship skins, players can later cosplay as Galactic Commander or their crew, including Flight Pioner, Robot Trooper, Mobile Pioneer, Battleship Logistic crew, and Robot Mini Sausage in this sausage battle game. In addition, Sausage Man will also be releasing new weapon skins, including the P90, KSG and Vector. Players can kill other players with cooler styles.


This Galactic Battleship T2 Sausage Man update also releases new Legends Cards that can change in-game strategy, players can use Flight Wings Legends cards to fly and give smoke bombs while in the air to confuse enemy players below, and Orb Legends Cards give players faster mobility that can be used to reach goals in an instant. These two new cards can be used to increase the player’s chances of winning the game.

It doesn’t stop there, there will also be a new 2v2 Arcade mode, players will be able to create a team to be the best. Players can test their abilities and practice to improve skills in this 2v2 mode. Players can also make close quarters mode without weapons to hone their boxing skills in this hilarious battle royale game.

This Galactic Battleship T2 content update will soon be released on Sausage Man, and players who are interested in playing this funny battle royale game can try it right now.

Download CLICK HERE.


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