The Latest Update MMORPG Gran Saga Presents Seasonal Guild Events

Gran Saga is an MMORPG game that can be played by cross play, and is now making a big update for the second time. There are various new things in this update, but one thing that is interesting to discuss is the Seasonal Guild & Guild PVE feature which has just been added to the in-game Gran Saga.

Seasonal Guild & Guild PVE Event Gran Saga, entitled Trials of Kings, is the main content in this latest update. At this guild event, all guilds will fight for the top 100 and whoever reaches the top will face the last boss.

The Final Boss at this event is the Spirit King of the Wind, please note that every time the season changes, the main elements of this final boss will also change. If now, the element used is wind, then next season can change to fire, water and other elements. mmorpg Gran saga seasonal guild update

Then what will the players who reach the top position and succeed in killing the final boss will get? Players who beat the final boss will get exclusive item prizes including SSR Artifacts and permanent titles.

Please note that this latest update is a major update, apart from the addition of the guild system, there are various kinds of new content added to the game. NPIXEL as a developer has indeed planned this.

Even though this major update was only released a few days ago, NPIXEL has also prepared the next update. According to NPIXEL, the next update will present new costumes for some of the main char, and some of them have already been shown.

Source: YouTube


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