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Vainglory To Rogue Games, Super Evil Focus Project Spellfire

Since the release of Android, several game developers have been competing to create content for publish on Google PlayStore. Before the beginning of the popularity of Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor. There is the most ambitious MOBA mobile game that is similar to DotA 2. Yep this game is Vainglory which comes with the best visual and graphic display available on MOBA mobile.

Developer and publisher Super Evil Megacorp makes its own custom engine for Vainglory. However, this game does not sell well in the Asian market. But on the other it is selling well in America and Europe. After several successes in bringing many prestigious tournaments, Super Evil Megacorp is likely to present a new game project and leave their popular game from the publishing side.

Vainglory Enters Cross-platform Alpha

Super Evil Megacorp announced that Super Evil Megacorp has transferred the rights to publish the MOBA Vainglory game to the Rogue Games. This move is not without reason, because Super Evil Megacorp plans to release a new game in 2020. The game they are currently giving the codename Project Spellfire is now collecting funds for its development and is still collecting around US $ 10.5 million dollars.

Rogue Games, which previously published iOS games like Mind Symphony, now has the right to market the MOBA cross-play game that already has 45 million registered players. CEO and founder Mike DeLaet expressed gratitude and will move the existing Community Manager to work with them. He also promised that they would continue to maintain the quality of the game in the future.

Super Evil Megacorp CEO Kristian Segerstrale said that the decision was the result of careful consideration of all. They believe that Rogue Games, which already has various experiences in publishing video games, is able to provide the best service for Vainglory while they are working on the Spellfire Project.

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