Vehicle War Mode Will Present In PUBG Mobile, Very Exciting!

Welcoming December, it looks like Tencent Games as a PUBG Mobile puplisher will present an interesting update. One leak of updates to be released is Vehicle War mode.

The Vehicle War Mode has just been released in the beta which was updated on PUBG Mobile patch 0.16.0 and is likely to be in demand by loyal PUBG Mobile players.

In the Vehicle War game mode the team is divided into two and each team consists of six people. Each team will get a vehicle randomly and can be ridden by two players.

One player is assigned as the driver and another player will be assigned to fire on enemy vehicles. The team that survives and gets the most scores is the winner of the match.

Vehicle War PUBG Mobile

Later there are three types of vehicles with different weapons that can be played in this mode. The three vehicles are BuggyUAZ, and Dacia. While the weapons are RPG-7M134 MiniGun, and one new weapon that is not yet known.

When your vehicle explodes, your opponent will get points and the car used will respawn back randomly. The players in charge of driving will take turns being shooters and vice versa.

There are two game models in the Vehicle War. First is the most explosive mode of the car and the second is who managed to take the objective chest in the most pickups.

It takes good driving and shooting skills as well as compact cooperation between players and teams to win battles in Vehicle War game mode.

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